Saturday, January 6, 2018

Big Data Handshake Photograph

Two hands come together in a handshake amid the speed and chaos of streaming data in the form of colorful light trails.
Two hands symbolize connection in a world of Big Data and future technology in a stock photo.
The Need For Connection
I am always working at coming up with new images that show the idea of connections. Connections are the foundation of the new digital world we live in. Connections are what make our new, networked world work…and the need for powerful images that can show connections is constantly growing.

This image is one of connections in a networked world. The light trails indicate networks and streaming data. They also add a sense of motion and obviously provide the excitement of vivid colors.  The handshake has not yet happened providing a feeling of anticipation and adding further layers of meaning and concepts.

Long Exposures, Light Trails And A Near Handshake
I captured the light trails with long exposures of city lights at night. The handshake (or near handshake) I photographed in my studio.  I combined the hands and three different captures of light trails to complete the image. The image is a Rights Managed stock photo with Getty Images.

Bandwidth, Communications And Teamwork
A great thing about this image is that it can represent so many different concepts. It can show bandwidth, speed, communications, and future technology. In addition, the near handshake image can represent teamwork, unity and agreement and success. 

Produce To Earn

Of course, after being deeply involved in the world of stock photography for almost forty years one thing I can safely say is you never know if an image will be successful in stock.  Another thing I can safely say is if you don’t produce you won’t earn…so now I am off to produce another image!

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