Thursday, January 4, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Photo
Artificial Intelligence, creativity and ideas are all demonstrated in this stock photo of a human brain created from light trails manipulated in Photoshop.
Artificial intelligence seems to be in the news a lot these days making it a prime candidate as a topic for stock photography…and one I certainly didn’t want to ignore! Add to the concept mix “ideas” and “creativity” and I had to come up with some imagery…resulting in the above image of a human brain fashioned from light trails.

Long Exposure of Lights At Night
I began with long-exposures of city lights at night, with camera movement, and used Photoshop to combine and manipulate about a half dozen captures resulting in a colorful brain image with points of light…representing thoughts…punctuating the composition.

Futuristic and Scientific Light Trails
The use of light trails to create the brain lends a futuristic and scientific feel to the image…something particularly important if you are trying to communicate the idea of AI. I put the image on a black background which enhances the rich feel of the colors and provides a limitless boundary which can be expanded as desired to facilitate headlines, copy and other inset photos. It makes it easy for art directors and photo editors to crop the image to any format.

Innovation, Complexity and the Future
Among the concepts that can be portrayed, besides creativity, ideas and artificial intelligence are innovation, complexity, the future, and research. I am sure creatives will be able to come up with other applications as well.

A Rights Managed Image

While this image didn’t cost anything to make I do have about five hours of Photoshop time invested in it. One of the difficult choices I have to make with each of my stock images is whether to place it as an RM image, or an RF image. Because of the degree of difficulty in make this image and it’s unique nature, I decide to make this a Rights Managed image.

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