Thursday, January 4, 2018

An Elephant In The Cloud Stock Photo

 Elephant in the Cloud
An elephant in the cloud is a perfect metaphor for presenting the challenges and dangers of cloud computing in a stock photo.

Microprocessor Flaws And Cloud Vulnerability
I read this morning that authorities have found two major flaws in pretty much every microprocessor that makes it possible for hackers to steal information…and the “cloud” is particularly vulnerable.  That knowledge is now the proverbial “elephant in the room”, though in this case it is the “elephant in the cloud”. Hmmm…sounds like an idea for a stock photo to me!

Obviously there must be a lot of “elephants in the room”…in the cloud…given that the cloud, online computing, is a relatively young development and one that is made up of so many parts. With that in mind I created my elephant in the cloud stock photo for companies to use to advertise their cloud-related products and services, and for use in editorials that deal with cloud issues.

Hackers And Cyber Criminals In The Cloud
A great stock photo can be used for a wide variety of messaging…and this image can be used to represent the challenges of Big Data in the cloud, all kinds of hackers and cyber criminals, and the potential loss of massive amounts of information. The image can point out bandwidth problems, vulnerable data, and over hype. The possibilities are practically endless! The image works even better if the cloud issues are BIG ones!

Elephants And Clouds
I photographed the elephant in Thailand, and the clouds from an airplane window on my way back home to California from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Photoshop provided the magic elixir to combine the imagery. Having light clouds, which match the light on the elephant, with darker clouds in the background enhances the sense of depth to the image.

Vertical, Horizontal, and Copy Space
I made the image easy to crop to vertical or horizontal from its square format, and the clouds make it relatively easy to place headlines and body copy within the image. I always try and make an image as easy to use as possible for art directors, graphic designers and photo editors. Because the image isn’t an easy one to replicate I decided to go with a Right Managed category.

Now onto the next image!

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