Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Mobile Connection and Networking Stock Photo

A Mobile Networking And Connections Stock Photo

Colored lines form a complex network spreading out from a cell phone in a stock photo about mobile connections, networking, and Big Data.

Given that mobile connections and networking are such a huge part of the growth of business throughout the world, I gave myself the assignment of creating a stock photo that businesses could use to draw attention to the products, services and issues surrounding mobile communications.

I have created many images using colored light trails, which I think are great for representing data transmission and handling, so naturally I turned to the of such imagery, captured through long exposures of city lights at night, as one of my primary elements.

A cell phone is the obvious mobile device of choice. Heck, I just found out that my own brother doesn't have fast Internet service at his house...and he spends hours on the Internet using his phone. Who knew! At any rate, I photographed the phone in profile to avoid having to disguise the make an model. This isn't really a shot about the phone...but rather about the CONNECTION.

Having the phone and the colored light trails against a dark background makes for a more beautiful image and makes the colors stand out all the more. A pure black background, however, does lack some interest. I chose a blue to black gradation because blue seems like the primary color of business.

I think there are several important factors that contribute to make this a successful stock image. First, it is eye-catching. We don't see images like this one every day. Secondly, there is room for cropping to horizontal or vertical...not a lot of room...but enough. Too, there is room for copy to be added or reversed out of the background. And finally, there are a number of concepts that can be illustrated with this one image. For example, it can be about Big Data collection and transmission...positive or  negative, from one's cell phone. It can be about wireless connections. The photo can be about networking, staying connected, access to information and the Internet. It can show bandwidth and speed. No doubt there are a host of other possibilities as well...depending on the creativity of the art director, graphic designer, or photo editor employing the image.

Of course, one thing I have learned in thirty years of shooting stock...one never knows which images will be the ones that sell...

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