Thursday, October 5, 2017

America And The Power of Diversity

The American flag filled with faces: America And The Power Of Diversity

This image of well over a hundred different faces, of all ethnicities and ages, and both sexes, super-imposed over the American flag, has several things going for it. The image, at least in my humble opinion, is cool looking. It has many commercial (editing and advertising) uses, and address important and current social issues.

There are ten years worth of individual portraits, all model released, in this one image. With the variation of ethnicities, ages and sexes, the image can be used to illustrate concepts involving diversity, politics, demographics, immigration, patriotism and who know how many other ideas.

Just looking at the image makes me proud of the diversity within our country and reminds me of the strength found in differences embraced. I can only hope that this stock photo can move our country just a bit further in the direction of respect and tolerance for everyone by everyone.

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