Monday, January 8, 2018

Up To Your Ass In Alligators Stock Photo

At the end of your rope...over snapping crocodiles...a concept business stock photo.
At the end of your rope AND up to your ass in alligators...a stock photo for promoting products and service that can save your butt!

Ever felt you were at the end of your rope…or up to your ass (excuse the profanity) in alligators?  Well, even if you haven’t I am sure you have heard those idioms before. And idioms are fertile ground for stock photo ideas! Of course this alligator inspired image relies on crocodiles for the visuals…crocs I photographed at a crocodile farm in Thailand.

Crocodiles, Chickens And Bamboo Poles
After the Crocodile show I spent a few minutes shooting the fearsome creatures for my archives. On all my travels I am always trying to anticipate what I might need for some future stock photo project…and some subjects, such as crocodiles…well you KNOW those will come in handy some day! In addition to shooting the crocs lying around I grabbed some shots of them leaping out of the water to grab a chicken. At the “farm” they also would let you buy chicken carcasses secured to bamboo poles with string.  I had my partner, Stephanie, feed the crocs…they were amazingly quick I might ad, while I captured images.

Idioms, Crocodiles And Stock Photos
Fast forward a year later when I am mulling over idioms for stock ideas and shazam…two idiom’s in one! I hired a guy (if I did it over again I’d use a woman) to model. I hung a rope from the rafters of my studio, had him hoist himself up, and fired a few frames off. Then it was just a matter of selecting, silhouetting and pasting a few crocodiles and choosing a sky for the background.

Stock Photos Solving Problems
A great thing about this image is the multiple uses it has. It can be used to advertise or promote and product or service that can “save” someone and offer solutions to very dire problems. The image is particularly good for products and services that can’t be readily pictured…such as consulting services. Further, the image is fun and humorous…with a high entertainment value…and when there is so much competition for eyeballs…every little thing helps! 

Up To Your Ass In Alligators Stock Photo

In addition to the ability to illustrate multiple concepts, this “up to your ass in alligators” stock photo is easy to crop to square, vertical, or horizontal and has ample copy space for headlines and text. Of course, in these challenging times it would also be nice to have about thousand people to license the image!

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