Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Most Searched For Images And A Favorite Sale

This photo of Ganesha, the Hindu God who removes all obstacles, is my most searched-for image.
This image of Ganesha, the Hindu God who removes all obstacles, his risen to the top of my search engine results.

My most searched-for images:

Over the past several months one of my images has risen above my others in terms of popularity with the search engines. Approximately twenty people a day are searching for “Ganesha” and ending up on my image of the “Remover of all obstacles”, the Hindu God Ganesh. Second place currently goes to “dominatrix”, my image of a dominatrix with a computer for her head. I think the surprise is that “dominatrix” isn’t first!

A businessman stands on Escher stairs rising up through the clouds and leading him to nowhere in this concept stock photo.
After a painfully slow start this "Escher" businessman concept stock image has finally garnered a decent sale!

My favorite sale of the month:

I made this “Escher” business image a couple of years ago and it sold once for about $12.00, a big disappointment. So when I noticed this morning that the image made a second sale bringing me just under $500.00 (through Blend Images) it became my favorite sale of the month (though nowhere near the biggest sale). I am feeling confident that over the next five years the image will have proven well worth doing.


Images in The Agency Collection (mine are submitted through Blend Images and are on both the Getty site and iStockphoto.com) are continuing to sell VERY well. Of course it is still too early to draw any real firm conclusions…but early results indicate to me that there is enormous potential for these higher-than micro priced images offered on micro sites.

That’s it for this time!


sharply_done said...

Just a thought, but you might be able to improve your 'endless/impossible stairs' sales by keywording them as 'Penrose Stairs'.


John Lund said...


Thanks for the tip!