Monday, November 21, 2011

iPhone Stock Photos Have Arrived

Aurora Photos has announced an iPhone stock photo collection. I read about it on Jim Pickerell’s site <> during my just-completed trip to India. During the trip Nevada Wier was shooting with her new iPhone 4GS and using various photo apps to process the photos. Now while I haven’t had the chance to see the images full size, on the phone they looked fabulous.

And so the relentless march of change continues to impact the stock photo industry.

I am going out tomorrow and buying a new iPhone 4GS. While I know it is no replacement for my DSLR, there is a place for those iPhone images. You see, I will have that phone/camera with me all the time.  I know from experience that there will be opportunities for images that can earn me money that I can take advantage of by having a camera with me at all times.   Also, since virtually all of my work is in the form of Photoshop composites, this will offer me a way to expand my horizons a bit…and judging from what I saw Nevada doing…it just might be a lot of fun as well!  BTW, I am also placing an order for the Canon 1D X as well. Got to keep all my bases covered!

Technology is a demanding mistress! Oh well….

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