Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sprinting Cheetah Photo Showing Fast Cloud Computing

 Cheetah Sprint In A Fast Cloud Computing and NetworkingPhoto
A cheetah sprints through a cloudscape in a visual metaphor for fast cloud computing and networking connections.

Speed In The Cloud
Speed in the cloud, fast connections, and high bandwidth are all concepts illustrated by this Cheetah sprinting through a cloudscape. In fact, any aspect of cloud computing, networking and connections that are in need of speed can be effectively illustrated with this Cheetah stock photo. An earmark of a good stock image is it’s ability to illustrate a wide range of ideas…and the element of speed covers a lot of ground…quickly!

Cheetahs…The Symbol Of Speed
Cheetahs are THE iconic symbol of speed just as clouds are now a symbol of cloud computing. Put the two together and you have a quick-reading clear visual metaphor for speed in cloud computing, fast connections and high-bandwidth networks.

A Sense Of Movement
To help this image become a best seller I composed it to crop easily to any format and to have ample copy space for the needs of art directors, graphic designers and photo editors for headlines and body copy. I added just a bit of motion blur to the fast cat to add a sense of movement…something that often helps an image sell better.

Cheetah Sprint Through Cloudscape
Another plus for the image is in the fact that the image is not one we’ve seen before. I did a considerable number of searches, both in stock agencies and online…and did not find any other images of a cheetah sprinting through a cloudscape. Put that symbol of speed (the cheetah) into an unexpected environment and you really increase the chances of grabbing a viewer’s attention and creating a lasting memory of the image and message behind it.

A Getty Rights Managed Stock Photo
I uploaded the image to Getty as a Rights Managed image. I chose RM because the image is hard to duplicate (most photographers don’t have the cloud and cheetah raw materials) and I think is well suited to print campaigns. But my hope is to make a few large sales as opposed to a bunch of small ones. We shall see. Despite the fast subject matter it will probably be six months to a year until I find out if the image is successful. It still seems to take that long before most of my images hit their stride…so to speak.


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