Monday, May 21, 2018

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cat Stock Photo And Greeting Card Image

This fortune telling Gypsy, with her glowing crystal ball, is also a cat in an image created for stock photography and greeting card uses.
Need to know the future? Where better to go than a Gypsy fortune teller cat and her trusty glowing crystal ball...a stock photo created for advertising and greeting card use.
Forecasting The Future And Gypsy Fortune Tellers
If there is anything that everyone wants to know it is the future. What does the future hold for us, and for our business? Knowing what the future holds is the ultimate advantage.  And what is the iconic symbol for the key to the future? The fortune teller of course, and her trusty crystal ball. In fact, a Gypsy fortune teller, hovering over a crystal ball, is an image we all ingrained in our collective consciousness.

It stands to reason then that a well-crafted stock photo of a gypsy fortune teller, crystal ball and all, could find a hefty market…and help a stock photographer make at least a step towards their own fortune. With this in mind my partner Stephanie D. Roeser, set about to create not just any fortune teller stock photo, but an image of a feline fortune teller. Not an easy task when you think about the anatomical challenges of fitting a cat to a human pose…and the fact that cats don’t tend to wear earrings, nose rings, bracelets or other such adornments.

Cat Imagery And Crystal Balls
To actually create the prognosticator of the future Stephanie went to our archives for the cat imagery and crystal ball photo and background curtain. She set up the table, which we shot (using our trusty Canon 5D MKIV camera), as well as the various articles of jewelry and the vibrantly colored scarf or shawl.  

Funny Stock Photos And Cat Eyes
When putting these funny animal stock images together you never know what challenges are going to pop up. In this case none of the cat shots we had that worked the best for this pose included any good “eye” photos. Stephanie did find a different, not quite as good-looking cat, that had perfect eyes for this image. It even looked like the cat had eyeliner on! 

Hair, Fur And A Glowing Crystal Ball
It takes meticulous work to strip out hair and fur, but Stephanie did a stellar job…as you can see.  And for the eyes…talk about eye contact…there is a powerful connection between cat and viewer. Stephanie even managed to make the cat appear to be primarily lit by the glow from the crystal ball. The attention to detail is one of the things that sets Stephanie’s work apart.

Business Blue And Cropping Options
This funny cat photo was created as a stock image and as a humorous greeting card photo. The image was crafted, as such, to be easily cropped to square, vertical or horizontal formats with plenty of copy space for text, captions, etc.  BTW, blue is the color most associated with business, so adding the blue curtain in the background makes the image just a bit better for business uses to.

Fortune Tellers, Crystal Balls, And Profit
What Stephanie has created is an image that draws on the power of iconic symbols, gypsy fortune tellers and crystal balls, adds the impact of using a cat as the gypsy…a twist that further adds to the impact of the symbols, and appeals strongly to any cat lovers. I am predicting a profitable future for this stock image!


Rustam said...

John Lund 's creation is always awesome. I am following him since a long time.

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