Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outsourcing And Team Work

Three discarded employees stand in garbage cans in this photo about outsourcing, lay offs, and employment issues.  

This "Outrsourcing" image is the result of several "collaborations" with other photographers.

Outsourcing And Team Work
Outsourcing because this image is about outsourcing (and other employment related concepts), and team work because the image is the result of a collaboration among photographers. Building up a network of photographers, seeing your peers as a resource, can add to your productivity as well as to your enjoyment of the profession.

Collaboration And Discarded Employees
This image of three discarded employees in garbage cans is actually the result of more than one collaboration. The office location was from a shoot that a friend and fellow stock shooter invited me to participate in. How wonderful is that?  Yet another friend and photographer, Tom Penpark, did the digital compositing work.

Brainstorming, Photography And Digital Imaging
Tom and I brainstormed the idea together and I photographed the models as part of another stock shoot. By combining our efforts we came up with an idea we might not otherwise have come up with, got more mileage out of the models from my shoot, and I was able to work on another image while Tom handled the digital imaging for this image...or series of images...we did three versions.

Sharing Equipment, Ideas And Information
Over the years I have participated in numerous gang shoots with a number of photographer friends and the experience has always been a good one. Not only have we managed to make our production dollars go further, but they have inevitably been great fun and very productive. I have been involved in "gang" shoots in Argentina, Mexico, India, Thailand, Brazil and here in the U.S.  I have digitally enhanced other photographer's work, and some have done the digital work on mine. I have a great network of photographer friends who help me out, and who I help out. We share equipment, ideas and information; we help each out in all kinds of ways.

Collaboration, Gang Shoots And Concept Images
Collaborating with my fellow photographers, whether in gang shoots, jointly produced concept images, or just in sharing equipment and information, has enriched my career and my life. It can enrich yours too.


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