Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The road to success, the high road, and the highway to heaven all in one image!
 The road to success requires going the extra mile.

Six Tips For Building A Photography Career

1.              Have an income. Here is why. You are better off turning down jobs that are not right for you, and in which you are not being provided the budget and resources you need to do an exemplary job. You will be known for the quality of the work you do…only do great work!  With a secondary (or primary) source of income, whether it is waiting on tables,  assisting, or substitute teaching (I did that...) you can afford to be choosy as you build your photography career.

2.              Shoot what the market wants with your own unique style and you will make money. Shoot what the market doesn’t want or need, and no matter how great your work you won’t earn money.

3.              Keep your expenses down. Don’t throw your money around. Make careful decisions about when to rent and when to buy. Build a network with other photographers and share equipment, studios, models and resources. In marketing, cultivate personal contacts rather than throwing money into marketing campaigns. Personal contact actually is more effective too. There are a thousand photographers who can do the job…the art director will hire the one that can do the job AND that he/she has good chemistry with.

4.              Keep your production values high. Don’t skimp on the essential props, models and styling that are needed to insure great work. All of your work needs to be great work whether you are shooting stock or assignments.

5.              Ideas are Paramount.  What are you bringing to the table? There are plenty of photographers who can do the job…set yourself apart with your ideas and creativity.

6.              This may be the most important tip of all: Treat your client like you want to be treated. Whether your client is a stock agency, corporation, designer or ad agency, go the extra mile. Don’t over-promise…over deliver!

 Having a successful career in photography is doable and with perseverance, patience and passion it can become a reality.

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