Saturday, April 2, 2016

Anatomy of a Stock Image #1

cloud computing and communications technology are both illustrated with this stock photo featuring vivid streaks of colored lights weaving through high altitude cloud formations.
Cloud computing and communications technology are both illustrated by this image of vivid streaks of colored lights cutting through high altitude cloud formations.

Anatomy Of A Stock Image #1
This is the first of a series of blog posts I am undertaking in which I will share a stock image I have created along with the thinking and strategy behind it.

Cloud Computing And Communications Technology
Cloud computing and communications technology are the primary concepts behind this stock image created for Blend Images. When I set about creating new stock photos I try and come up with ideas based around significant need. In the cases of both cloud computing and communications technology, there is clear need. One of the challenges is, though, that such concepts are hard to illustrate. I do believe that in this case I have come up with an elegant solution.

Clouds And Streaks Of Light
Clouds, combined with streaks of light, are, I believe, a quick read for “cloud computing”, the obvious part being the inclusion of clouds in the image. I decided to have the clouds be storm clouds to help illustrate the idea of the challenges posed in cloud computing. After all, a company that needs to advertise their cloud computing products and services are doing so because they can help potential clients overcome such obstacles or difficulties.

Color, Movement, And Streaming Data
The streaks of light not only add visual interest (due to their intense color and movement), but also because they make a great metaphor for streaming data and networking. Even wireless communications can be seen in the light streaks. Energy, motion and speed are all seen in those vivid arcs of colored lights as well. What we then have is a stock image that is quite versatile in what art directors, designers and photo editors can use it for. Further, the image is also quite flexible as well in that there is plenty of copy space and the image can be cropped into any format. The image can even work as a banner ad.

Cloud Computing And Possibilities
The lights that knife through the clouds are seen weaving in and out of the cloud cover adding a sense of depth to the image.  The lines are yellow, blue and magenta and arc across the image angling upwards to the right. Having the lines move upwards adds in the idea of a positive graph and growth and further supplementing the sense of possibilities that exist in cloud computing, communications technology, and networking.

Adding Visibility
Again, I cannot predict the success, or lack of it, for any one stock image, but I am confident that I have covered the basics with this image giving it a fighting chance to stand out in a crowded marketplace and with come clear applications in mind. Some might leave at that placing the responsibility for getting adequate visibility for the shot on the stock agency. I am, however, adding further visibility by adding the image to mywebsite and blogging about it. In this brave new world of stock photography one can no longer afford to be complacent, but must, in fact, be extremely pro active in getting eyeballs on one’s imagery.     

A Cloud Computing RF Image
I chose the Royalty Free category for this image because it was relatively easy to create, can be used for a wider variety of messages, and because, well, I want to have the bulk of my stock photo contributions to be RF content because of the much wider audience for RF over RM.

Blend Images

For any of you not familiar with Blend Images, it is a photographer owned agency (disclaimer…I am one of the owners) with a cutting edge web site, a tightly edited collection of relevant and creative images, and is currently offering a 25% discount on licenses when using the promo code JL-PROMO2016. Even if you don’t need to license an image Blend’s highly curated library is a great place to browse images for inspiration…or just to enjoy the visual delight! Check it out:                            

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