Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Artificial Intelligence Stock Photo

Artificial intelligence, future technology, and brain research are all visually illustrated by this photo.
 An image about artificial intelligence, future technology, and brain research.

Future Technology And Artificial Intelligence
Future technology and artificial intelligence are not only fascinating, at least to me, but potentially a great stock image subject.  Technology is penetrating ever more deeply into every aspect of our lives…and “artificial intelligence” has a potential impact that is mind-boggling. How can we photographers not want to dive into that as a stock photo subject?

Human Brains And Computer Technology
The idea of linking a human brain to computer technology is painfully obvious, but also a potentially good choice when trying to make an image that will be a quick read to a wide audience of people. The question becomes more of how we can “tweak” it to take it beyond the ordinary so that we can both make it an interesting visual and a useful concept image.

Flesh And Metal
With this image I started by shooting a plastic replica of a human brain, created a duplicate layer in Photoshop, and ran a “Chrome” filter over it.  It, as usual with the Photoshop chrome filter didn’t look like chrome. I played with the different “modes” until I came up with one that gave the brain a look vaguely like flesh with a metallic sheen. It looked cool enough for me!

Circuit Boards And Magic Wands
Next I found a circuit board photo in my archives and used a combination of “Color Range” and the “Magic Wand” photo to select just the traces. I fined-tuned the selection with “Refine Edges”, copied the selection, and pasted it behind the “brain” layers. Below that I created a layer of a white/gray gradation. I used the Hue/Saturation control to darken the computer traces to black. Finally, I pasted the selected computer circuit traces on the top layer and positioned it to partially cover the brain.

High Tech, Bio Technology And Artificial Intelligence
The result is a high-tech and complex human brain bio-technology image that illustrates artificial intelligence, brain research, and future technology. It can be cropped to square vertical or horizontal…all in all, a very promising stock image. One can never know for sure whether a given image will sell well, or even sell at all. Time will tell on this one....

A Royalty Free Stock Photo
I have submitted the image to Blend Images as a royalty free stock photo. I am counting on the demand for artificial intelligence and future technology images to be large enough to compensate for the lower price points of royalty free imagery.


Anonymous said...

I myself am a commercial photographer, specializing in industry, technology, etc.
Hats off to you! your image here is the very best I have ever seen, given the subject, concept/idea. Simply stunning work!
I wish you all the luck in the world with it! IMO, its too good for just stock.

For those thinking, its just a composite, well, think again, this is far, far, far from easy work and.

Anonymous said...

John: Whats your opinion of the stock agency: Stocksy? Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Stocksy? well rumors has it that only a few life-style shooters will get some revenue.
Apart from that, nothing and it's pretty much the same with the other one, Offset or whatever it's called.

John Lund said...


I know one photographer who absolutely swears by Stocksy and is making more with them than with other agencies they have including Getty etc.. They have certainly done well out of the gate. I have heard that some of the big producers are getting a little unhappy at their low price points (compared to traditional stock agencies). I thought I would try them out to get some first hand info...but they turned me down. Oh well....


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! are you serious or just mucking around but It's possible.
I can't mention any names but a truly world famous photographer applied, a household name in fashion etc. He applied under a pseudo and got turned down. Hahaha! which really means, they haven't got a clue of what they are looking at, it's a " I look after you, you look after me thing" dead scared of competition, especially from people like you.