Sunday, February 1, 2015

Creativity, Money And Stock Photography

A stream of images combine with light streaks in a stock photo illustrating concepts such as photo sharing, social networks, and streaming data over the Internet.
Creativity, money, and stock photography, a presentation on stock at the San Francisco Apple store by John Lund.

On Thursday the 19th of February, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm I will be giving a talk at the Apple store in San Francisco. The title of my talk is “Creativity, Money And Stock Photography”. I will be sharing my experience and approach in stock photography including tips for making stock photography profitable.

While certainly stock photography is in transition and has become a much more daunting career, it is important to remember that stock photography is a two billion dollar industry in which there are many photographers successfully navigating their way to success. 

I am going to pack as much useful information into an hour as I can including some of my actual income figures. I’ll be sharing a lot of images, so hopefully it will be entertaining as well as informative. Hope to see you there!

The presentation is free, but space is limited.


Anonymous said...

So, John, how did the 2/19 talk go at the Apple store? I could not make it. What did you share?

John Lund said...


I think the talk went well...I shared a lot of images, what many of them have earned, plus discussed Getty vs. Blend, trends in stock, how I maximize my stock income and so forth....