Thursday, February 6, 2014

Infographic On The Cameras Used To Shoot Stock

Amos Struck of the online stock industry magazine Stock Photo Secrets sent me this fun graphic about what gear shooters are using for stock. They polled 157,000 microstock shooters (Dreamstime Shooters I believe) to compile this information.

It has long been the standard answer among professional photographers, when asked which camera they use, that "It isn't the camera, its the photographer". While there is no doubt that more sophisticated cameras can offer advantages, there is still a lot of truth in that "stock" answer. Personally, I have shot stock with (not counting all the film cameras) a Leaf DCB I, Canon 1DS, 1DS MKII, 1DS MKIII, Canon 5D, Canon 5D MKII, Nikon D800, A Sony RX100 II, and, yes, my iPhone 4G.

At any rate, it is interesting to see what choices microstock shooters are making in terms of equipment!

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