Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crafting A Concept Travel Stock Photo

Picture of tropical clouds and a jet aircraft reflected in clear blue rippling water illustrating the concepts of travel, vacations, and getting away from it all.
Going through my "Idea" folder of images resulted in this composite image illustrating travel concepts.

My Next Project And An “Ideas” Folder
Sometimes I find myself in front of my computer, having just completed an image, or series of images, but before having had a chance to figure out my next project, and still wanting to create a new stock photo.  At those times I turn to my “Ideas” folder.

Interesting Images With No Immediate Use
My “Ideas” folder is one in which I put interesting images, that I don’t really know what to do with, as I edit shoots or run across them looking for composite parts.  In that folder you can find patterns, portraits, background images, interesting light experiments, landscapes…whatever images strike my fancy, but that I don’t have an immediate use for. 

Perusing Photos And Finding Solutions
A few days ago I found myself in just such a situation…between projects but wanting to jump into making an image. As I perused the photos an image of light reflecting off of water caught my eye. A use for this image  (probably from a swimming pool shoot…but one that I no longer remember) has long eluded me.   This time, however, I believe I came up with a solution…or two.

Stronger Concepts And Multiple Uses
I could have submitted the image as a background image pretty much as it was, but I really wanted to take it to another level. What I was looking for was another image I could use as a reflection in the water and that would make for a stronger concept… one that had a legitimate shot at multiple uses.

Pretty Pictures, Tropical Vacations And Room For Headlines
I found the image I was looking for in a shot of tropical clouds from a trip to Hawaii. I faded the clouds into the water. Adding the clouds transformed the image from pretty reflections in water to a tropical vacation scene. I felt it still needed one more element. A silhouette of a commercial jet completed the picture. Now the image speaks of travel, adventure, vacations and getting away from it all.  There is plenty of room for copy and headlines, room for inset destination photos, and can be cropped square, horizontal, vertical or as a banner ad.

Many Uses, Similar Versions And Royalty Free
My gut instinct tells me it is a royalty free image: It can have many uses and isn’t a difficult image to produce.  Further, I believe that a version without the jet will also be useful in the marketplace and as an RF image the two similar versions won’t be a problem. Now the only question is…should I have had a suntanned, bikini clad woman swimming through the water? Hmmm, maybe I’ll take another look in that “Ideas” folder….

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