Friday, March 4, 2011

Stock Photo Opportunities and a Great Career

A beautiful, pregnant woman stands on the beach in contemplation as the sea breeze blows her hair in a concept stock photo.
A spur of the moment opportunity resulted in a stock shot and an affirmation of a great career choice.

Stock Photo Opportunities
My producer and I were traveling in Northern Brazil after completing a series of stock shoots, but were still keeping our eyes open for opportunities. In a small town, the name of which I no longer remember, we came across this woman working in a small gift shop on the beach. She was so pregnant I thought we might witness childbirth at any moment. We asked her if we could photograph her on the beach and she readily agreed. The only hard part was explaining in Brazilian (Portuguese) what stock photography was, something rather important, as we needed to have her sign a model release. Big Tip:  Always get the model release BEFORE you take the pictures!

A Passing Storm, A Warm Wind, and Some Pretty Good Stock Shots
The gift shop was full of apparel and the three of us picked out an outfit for her and we headed out to the beach. We shot for about an hour with a Canon 5D and nothing else…no reflectors, no flash, just the three of us hanging out on the beach and shooting. The sky was overcast with the remnant clouds of a passing storm, and a warm wind peppered us with sand. The conditions weren’t exactly ideal, but we got some pretty good shots, especially considering the model fee came out to about $15.00.

Prenatal Care, Health and Well Being
This concept stock photo is aimed at the market for images to show prenatal care and products that promote health, well being, and other pregnancy related themes. I was careful to leave plenty of room on the image for headlines, text and body copy. Her garments, being white, add the sense of purity, the wind in her hair says "freedom" and "getting away from it all". The setting, with a lack of man-made structures, lends itself to "natural" and "wholesome". Even the stormy weather lends to the concepts indicating change and turbulence which naturally accompany change such as a new addition to the family.

Stock Photography: A Great Career
She was quite happy with the money and I felt pretty good about the photos. I also felt pretty good about my career.  What other career would give me the opportunity to be shooting on a beach in Brazil, free of any real pressure, and pretty much guaranteed to be making a profit at it?

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Great shot, model and location! These will definitely do well.