Saturday, February 19, 2011

Super Slow Motion Clips, Creative Souls and Best Sellers

A Cool Video And A Supernatural Force
I just had to share this cool video! It looks to me like some kind of science fiction scene, or maybe some horror flick where some supernatural being or force is about to erupt from the depths.  Some mysterious force is causing a void in the water. The edges bubble and froth sending out ever widening ripples in the otherwise placid water.  Of course the reality is rather tame. I held a can of air just out of the frame and shot the air down into the water.

Super Slow Motion Video and Compelling Clips
The burst of air into water was only a couple of seconds, but shot at 1000 frames per second (and played back at 30 frames per second), this HD video turns the scene into something otherworldly.  In a second version I tilted the canned air in order to have the propellant visible…which adds yet another dimension to the visual. This time it looks like smoke, mist or vapor is bellowing up from the depths. Each clip is compelling in its own way. I have to give a nod here to GVS Systems, my main computer and related equipment supplier...their GVS 9000 hardware and software set-up allowed us to be efficient enough with the Phantom HD camera to be able to "play around" with trying out these oddball ideas.

Slow Motion Videos, Creative Souls and Best Sellers
Perhaps these clips can be used in a title sequence, or for some science fiction short, or as part of an advertisement. I actually have no idea of what either of these super slow motion videos can be used for, but I am sure some creative soul will find a use and will therefore, in some small measure contribute to my financial well being.  One thing I do know…often my stock materials are used in ways I could never have imagined, and even images that I doubted would ever be used have sometimes turned into best sellers.

A Questionable Image And A $17,000.00 Sale
One good example of that happened many years ago when I created an image on a whim (see below), then began to second guess myself. What could anyone use it for? Should I even bother submitting it? Finally, I did submit the image, and the first sale was for a gross of $17,000.00! It continued to sell well for many years, though now it only occasionally licenses for a small amount here or there. But the lesson has stayed with just never know which image, or which clip, will become one of your hottest (no pun intended)!
Picture of a man, with his head on fire, looking wide-eyed with downward cast eyes.
I almost didn't send this image in to the stock agency (Corbis), but when I did the first sale was for $17,000.00!

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