Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Smart Phone Photography Future!

My very own funny cat trying to keep warm...shot with my smart phone!
Is this the future? My cat photographed with my smart phone as he tries to keep warm next to the heater (that is my laptop power cord in the foreground).

Video and Stills From Your Smart Phone
Hey, if the Internet is going to be where we view everything, and if print keeps fading away…and if video is overtaking stills in the stock photo arena, and I can shoot both stills and HD video from my smart phone…then I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Flotsam and Jetsam of  Professional Photography
I will be freed up from lugging around large DSLRs, strobes, light stands, reflectors and all that flotsam and jetsam of what used to be the professional photography world. Hey, how many times over the years have I wished that I didn’t have to travel with all that gear?

Stock Shooter, Photo Journalist, Film Maker and Blogger
Soon, armed with just a smart phone, chock full o’ apps, I can wander around in total freedom shooting anything and everything and immediately posting it to my flickr account (confession: I haven’t even looked at my flickr account in over a year…), with a Getty option to license. I can be shooting stills and HD video, a simultaneous stock shooter, photo journalist, film maker and, of course, blogger extradonaire.

Funny Videos and a Growing Fan Base
I can sit in front of my computer at night watching pirated streaming video, popping my head up occasionally to grab a quick funny video of my cat doing entertaining or extremely cute things…which I can not only post to my flickr stream, but upload to as well to delight that part of my ever growing fan base! 

Thousands of Friends I Don't Know
I can shoot HD video of conceptual traffic shots holding my hand out my car window for an unusual perspective (though risking a ticket because, after all, I will be holding a cell phone). I will be constantly scanning the scenes around me, ever alert for suitable subject matter. No conversation will go uninterrupted; my attention will never hover with any one person long enough to matter. Who needs flesh and blood friends…I will have my computer, my smart phone, and facebook (where I will have thousands of friends I don’t know!).

10,000 Twitterers Tweeting
Twitter will be my constant companion where I can closely monitor the lives of those ten thousand people I follow…well, at least I can update those nine-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine twitterites that follow me (OK…right now I only have a tad over two thousand followers…but even then, who can follow two thousand twitterers tweeting…)!

Closing Old Doors and Opening New Ones
Yes, it is a new world that we find ourselves entering with technology freeing us up from all of our old constraints, closing old doors and opening new ones, offering fleeting glimpses of unconstrained possibilities and a dizzing array confusing choices. I may need personal assistant though…right now I can’t figure out how to access my email on my smart phone…oh well!


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