Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Would Hire Me?

Clouds form a question mark in the sky; one of the most powerful tools to advance your career is asking yourself questions.
Asking yourself questions can be one of the most powerful tools for advancing your photography career.

Who Would Hire Me?

Twenty years ago, when my career was at a low ebb, I took a good long look at my portfolio asking myself “who would hire me (as opposed to hiring my competition), and why?” The answer I came up with was “no one”. I realized I needed to do something to distinguish myself, to create a reason for art directors and designers to choose my book over that of other photographers, to hire me instead the other guy (or gal).

Who and Why?
Asking myself that important question led very quickly to my use of Photoshop and a rejuvenation of my career that continues to this day. Now, as a stock shooter, I frequently ask myself the question, “Who will license my stock images, and why?”

Who and How?
Another important question I ponder a lot is who will see my images and how?
Long term, that might be an even more important question.

Questions For Yourself
What questions do you need to be asking yourself?


Luis Santos said...

Short but very good post.. I think about this quite a lot, haven´t done aything to a company, just to stock agencies, mainly I try to shoot what I think will sell, you got me thinking... :P

John Lund said...


Thinking is good...I think!


Anonymous said...

Great post - that's a useful questions for illustrators as well.

John Lund said...


All of us "content providers" are in the same boat...hmmm...I sense a stock photo in there somewhere!