Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Slow Motion Video Reel

Slow Motion Video For Stock
A while back a few friends and I spent a month shooting slow motion video clips for stock using a Phantom HD video camera shooting 1000 frames a second. It was a lot of fun and we got some great material. This material is a great example of how I am participating in motion getting my feet wet when the right opportunities come along, but doing so carefully.

Still Photos vrs. Motion Clips
What I have garnered, in a nutshell, from my admittedly sparse experience (I have about 150 clips up on Getty Images), is that some clips can pay very well. But when I compare the process of shooting and submitting clips, versus that of producing stills, I can't help but conclude that my time is still better spent creating still images.

Continued Motion Production and a Slow Motion Reel
Nonetheless, I will continue my limited and occasional efforts in producing motion stock just in case the market demands it. In the meantime, since I really did enjoy the slow motion process (and I did a lot of it!) I decided to put together a slow motion reel. This reel only contains a few of the clips that I produced in conjunction with my associates Stephanie Roeser and David Fischer.

Hope you enjoy the reel!

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Luis Santos said...

niceeeeee :) great work!