Monday, July 12, 2010

Long Shots and Making a Living with Stock Photos

A vortex of energy, a complicated and complex abstract light pattern, and cyberspace are some of the concepts illustrated by this geometric pattern of light streaks in a photograph.
This abstract light pattern representing a vortex of energy and motion is a long shot to become a successful stock image, but such "long shots" have an important place in the work of a stock photographer.
Abstract Light Patterns, Energy and Purposeful Motion
This image of an abstract light pattern is a combination, or I should say composite, of two different photos created by moving the camera during long exposures (of approximately one second). I think what, at least for me, takes this illustration to higher level than many abstract light patterns is the vortex-like shape that adds a sense of purpose or meaning to the movement. In other words, the image does not look like random motion but rather purposeful motion.

Energy, Motion and Cyberspace
I can see this image being used to add visual excitement and impact to concepts ranging from energy, motion and cyberspace to scientific research and development, as well as communications technology.  In stock photography this is where a truly creative art director or designer can work wonders…in the application of imagery (stock photos) to communication needs utilizing headlines, layouts and design elements that add a rapidly and easily assimilated connection between the visual element that captures a viewer’s attention and the message (copy or text) being delivered.

Long Shots, Fun and Judicious Image Making
Images such as this one are a long shot to pay off in stock photography, but sometimes do pay off, are fun to create, and cost only my time (which, of course, is the most valuable thing I have). It is important to create these “long shot”, images that push the envelope, are fun to do, and to keep your creative juices flowing. And if you have to make a living at stock photography, it is also important to create such images judiciously.

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