Monday, July 5, 2010

Funny Picture of the Day: Donkeys, Elephants and Politics!

Funny LOL elephant photo showing a donkey head-to-head with an elephant representing the classic and ongoing struggle of the democrats against the republicans.
A funny political photo pitting an elephant with a donkey in a classic head-to-head battle of republicans against democrats...and my "funny picture of the day".
Funny Picture of the Day
Just finished creating this funny LOL photo of a donkey butting heads with an elephant...obviously with the political market in mind. I photographed the elephant in Thailand and the donkey at the zoo. To shoot the donkey I had to actually hold my camera, a Canon 1ds MKIII, with the 100-400 Canon lens, above my head to clear the fencing. I shot about a dozen exposures until the donkey turned its back on me. Unbelievably I managed to get two sharp photos. Lucky!

Photoshop CS5...A No Brainer Upgrade
I used Photoshop (CS5) to composite the image together. BTW, for the kind of work I do upgrading to CS5 is a no brainer. The Puppet Warp and Refine Edges are working well for me...though Content Aware hasn't been working in the instances I have tried it...though demos of Content Aware Fill have been very impressive.

A Funny Political Image and Rights Managed Stock Photos
This funny (I would even say LOL) political stock photo of democrats butting heads with republicans is a very editorial kind of image. With that in mind I am submitting it as a Rights Managed picture, which, from what I understand, is the preference of editorial publications.

Funny Elephant Photos
I have to say, that of all my funny elephant photos, this, at least for now, is my fovorite. Hope you like it too!

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