Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Golf Greens, Key Words And Challenges

Key Word Suggestions And Getting It right
Key words make me crazy! They make me crazy and I don’t even have to do them. While the agencies that carry my work ask for suggestions (at least Getty Images and Blend Images do), you can only give them a total of 5 such suggestions and those are limited to concept key words. So it isn’t coming up with and entering the key words that is the problem, the problems, there are two of them for me, are that agencies can’t be trusted to get it right, and that, at least out in the non-agency world, very few people search for the concepts that my images illustrate.

An Impossible Golf Green And Key Word Omissions

Take the above image for example. I created an impossible golf green atop a rock outcropping alongside an ocean cliff. This image was created to illustrate the concepts of Challenge, Difficulties, Problems, Risk and so forth. Now it is bad enough that at thumbnail size you cannot see the flag in the hole (a violation of my own rule of thumbnail "readability"), but to make matters much worse, Getty’s key words do not mention golf or any of the above concept key words. In fact, the only concept key words that are mentioned are “tranquil scene” and “absence”! My “challenging golf green” might as well not even be in their collection.

Check Your Key Words

This not an isolated incident either. In one of my early photography blog postings I discussed how images, such as one I created of a Chakra, and named “Chakra”, didn’t have the word chakra in the key wording. Since, in my humble opinion the key wording is at least as important as the image, it is very important that, from time to time, you check the key words on your images and make whatever corrections and additions that are appropriate.

Searching For Concepts

The other problem I have is that people searching for images on the Internet aren’t searching for concepts. Since the main thrust of my photography is in creating concept stock photos, that makes me crazy too! All I can do is get my images up, get concept and descriptive key words up with them, and hope that with time, concept keyword image searching becomes more common.

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