Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling Overhwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed

I find myself feeling overwhelmed today. I have stock photos to be processed and composited from several shoots, including last week in Hawaii. I have video I have to edit and put into clip form for Getty from a number of shoots. I barely know how to use Final Cut Pro and can’t remember how to download the video from my P2 card (when shooting with the Panasonic HVX200 I either shoot to a P2 card or a FS-100 drive).

I have a bunch of stock pictures that Getty has rejected and I can’t decide where else to submit them. I have accepted images that I have not yet uploaded to Blend. I have video I shot in Buenos Aires eight months ago I haven’t yet edited. I have images accepted by Kimball Stock I haven’t uploaded. I have image ideas that are half-completed but I am missing elements for.

I have two ominous envelopes from the IRS sitting on my desk and one from the state of California.

I bet I have thirty e-mails I haven’t answered yet. My store desperately needs my attention, as does my project.

I have two interviews that are waiting to be done.

The meta data on my own web site database needs LOTS of attention and I still have 6000 more images to upload!

My twittering is falling behind, I haven’t looked at Facebook in days, and I have sales data from Corbis and Jupiter that I haven’t entered yet.

My garage leaks, my girlfriend says I am not courting her anymore, and my scale says I am getting fat.

All of this was set off when a friend of mine sent me an e-mail asking me what I thought about ImageSpan ( They are a possible solution to those who want to be able to market their own stock photos without an agency. If anyone out there has an opinion about them I would love to hear about it!

Back to being overwhelmed. I have to remind myself to take baby steps. Just look at my to do list. I know from experience that if i update it, re-prioritize it, and just take the items one thing at a time I will at least have the illusion of being in control...and that will help. I also know from experience if i do just keep putting one foot in front of the other I will eventually look-up, and sooner than I expected I will have arrived!

In the meantime…I have a conference call I have to get on!!!


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Chris Gramly said...

Love it! I can relate John...