Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pros And Cons Of Cloud Computing Stock Photo

A single cloud is isolated, half in white and half in black, in Yin Yang effect on a black and white background in a stock photo about the pros and cons of cloud computing.
The Pros And Cons of cloud computing...a versatile and effective stock photo about online computing.

Cloud Computing…A Hot Topic
Cloud computing has become a hot topic in the business world, and any company or consultant who wants to gain exposure for their cloud computing products and/or services will need visually compelling content whether that content is for a magazine ad, social media post, or website.  A review of the pros and cons for cloud computing is a great way to introduce the benefits of online computing and the particular positives (and negatives) of individual products and services that relate to online computing, networks, and Internet enterprises.

Pros And Cons
It was with the above in mind that I decided to create a simple a graphic image that would be an obvious “cloud computing” image and, in this case, also an obvious “pro” and “con” image.  The undertaking was actually pretty simple, though a bit painstaking. The “painstaking” part was creating a single cloud that would represent cloud computing. I used several shots of clouds stripping out cloud parts and assembling them in Photoshop. After that it was easy enough to past the cloud onto a black background. I then selected half of the image and inversed it. Presto…a cloud computing “positives” and “negatives” stock photo.

Yin, Yang And Balance
As an added plus the image also brings to mind the idea of Yin and Yang and balance. I also believe that people who view the image will have that Ying/Yang idea pop into their minds and thereby have a subliminal and positive force working on them.

Unlimited Cropping And Copy Space
The image, by being on a simple white/black background offers unlimited cropping options and ample copy space. Copy and headlines can be reversed out of the black, or printed black on the white areas.  I think it would be fun to see a headline that stretches across the top, reversed out of the black AND printed in black over the white.

Because I think the image can be used often and by many, I uploaded it to the stock agency (Getty Images in this case), as a Royalty Free (for those of you not familiar with the term…that does NOT mean free) image.  


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